Discover a unique way to confer.

Walk and talk

Highlights – Unique conference

Quick facts

  • Meals: Picnic, lunch, coffee and cake
  • Hiking length: 7,5 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Transfer: Bus / minibus picks up & drives is back to is workplace.
  • Living: Jordhammars hostel
Cooking in the nature
En gupp människor som vandrar på sin konferense
BohusledenSödraTB_76I0969- Photo Cred Lukasz Warze
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Dalsland grupp -Photo Cred Roger Borgelid
Bohusleden_Etapp1 - Photo Cred Fredrik Schenholm
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Bring the small group to a unique conference!
Walk and talk. 
Choose between 1 day or 2 days. 


Treat yourself and your colleagues to walk in the fantastic nature reserve Svartedalen, a rich primeval forest full of lakes and hiking trails. After a day in the woods, you will relax at the cozy place Jordhammar and treat yourself with sauna and jacuzzi. 

Now that it is early spring, the air is crisp and fresh, the sun’s rays warm when they find out and you feel how nature comes to life again, is an absolutely fantastic time to hike and become one with nature for a while.

Book a day for you and your colleagues, where you can both boost with new energy and let your creativity flow. Try a different conference that you will be talking about for a long time!

Day 1 

We pick you up with a bus / minibus and drive to the starting point of the hike, where today’s adventure starts. Discover what creativity brings to life when you can walk and talk at the same time, it beats all the workshops and meetings you have been to. In the backpacks you carry your picnic which is stick bread with brie cheese and coffee, which you grill yourself along the hike. Do not forget to pack swimwear if the weather allow.

Afterwards you enjoy a lunch cooked over an open fire with the lake and the forest as your company. Then you can continue your meeting out in nature, as we have both WIFI and whiteboard with us, it is also possible to end in a conference room if you wish.

After the forest experience, you continue to Jordhammars Herrgård, a charming manor house from the 19th century, where you can relax in the hot tub and sauna to round off the day with a delicious two-course dinner.

Please contact us and we will help you with the booking

Call +46704945696 or email

Day 2 

After a good night’s sleep, a wonderful breakfast will be served, here is your adventure over, if you want to continue, there are plenty of options. Choose to hold a conference one day at Jordhammars Herrgård or continue in the same spirit as the day before, but replace hiking boots with bicycles and the forest with the sea.

Young people on mountain hike at sunset

Please contact us and we will help you with the booking

Call +46704945696 or email


Please contact us and we will help you with the booking

Call +46704945696 or email