Hike in sweden, Bohuslän

Enjoy an outdoor vacation on the west coast

Hiking with luxury  4 days/3 nights

Departures: July 27th & August 4th

Hiking with luxury  4 days/3 nights

BohusledenNorraP1A0466- Photo Cred Lukasz Warzecha - kopia

Foto Lukasz Warzecha

BohusledenSödraTB_76I0901- Photo Cred Lukasz Warze (1)

Foto Lukasz Warzecha

BohusledenSödraTB_76I0969- Photo Cred Lukasz Warze

Foto Lukasz Warzecha

Bohusleden_Etapp1 - Photo Cred Fredrik Schenholm

Foto Fredrik Schenholm

Bohusleden_Etapp6- Photo Cred Fredrik Schenholm

Foto Fredrik Schenholm

Bohusleden_Etapp16- Photo Cred Fredrik Schenholm

Foto Fredrik Schenholm

BohusledenNorraP1A0682- Photo Cred Lukasz Warzecha

Foto Lukasz Warzecha

BohusledenSödraTB_76I1466- Photo Cred Lukasz Warze

Foto Lukasz Warzecha

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Hiking in Sweden & Bohuslän!

Hiking in Sweden is a wonderful holiday. Let us package your / your hiking trip in the Swedish forests in Bohuslän. The Bohusleden consists of 27 stages that offer a total of 370 km of scenic and varied hiking. Depending on how long you want to be away and what pace suits you, we put together a few stages and arrange everything practical!

Together we cook over an open fire and enjoy everything that the forest has to offer! When the legs are tender and it starts to feel a bit difficult, we take a break with a nice evening at a restaurant and a comfortable bed in a hotel. Wrap tents, windbreaks and spas! Enjoy hiking in the Swedish forests!

Primeval forest, valleys & high peaks

You who choose to hike in Sweden and follow the Bohusleden are offered a varied tour over mountains, through valleys, past forest lakes and sparsely vegetated bogs, around lakes and over cultural landscapes with pastures.

It is easy to find peace when you hike in the Bohuslän hinterland. Most of the trail runs only a few miles from the sea, but still the hike takes place through quiet forest areas and over barren bogs. Several important nature areas can be ticked off, such as Bohuslän’s highest peak, Björnerödspiggen with its 222 meters above sea level, the high plateau Kynnefjäll and Stora Getryggen outside Gothenburg. For those who are looking for real primeval forest, the stages through Svartedalen’s nature and outdoor area, one of Western Sweden’s largest contiguous coniferous forest areas, are recommended. The area has a grumpy nature that breathes mysterious large forest.

There is a lot to discover

Depending on which stages you choose, there is a lot to discover. In Kungälv we have Bohus Fortress. Skalbanksmuseet in Uddevalla, where it can also be a nice stop to see civilization. Well-preserved rock carvings east of Strömstad in the south are croft ruins and some inhabited mountain farms in the northern parts. Scattered along the Bohusleden there are several windbreaks and rest areas where we camp. So come to the west coast and make your hiking trip in Sweden – you will not regret it!


Thinking about our nature and surroundings is important to us at SwedenWestCoastExperiences. Therefore, we usually choose smaller local partners to benefit the business community where we operate. Therefore, it is more often small homes where we meet the local population and discover the genuine Sweden.It is a matter of course that we choose locally produced raw materials and when that does not work, it becomes organic.In addition, we try to influence all restaurants we visit to serve us locally grown or organic food. We enjoy among both meat, fish, seafood and vegetarian!


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