Hike with children - all year round

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Highlights – Hiking with children

Quick facts

  • Departures: Every day, all year.
  • Meals: All inclusive 
  • Length of trip: Choose between 1,2 or 3 days
  • Living: Hotell
  • Difficulty:Adapted to your family.

Choose the option that suits you and your family on your hiking trip.


On this outdoor holiday, we offer three different options, which you can read about below. Do you want to be away for one, two or three days? We carry your luggage and drive you back and forth to all starting points and arrange all meals – all so that you do not have to plan and “think” yourself!

This is an adventure where you can truly relax, discover and have great fun with those you love the most!

Option 1

You walk in dense forest on forest paths, in a spectacular landscape. The lakes are close in the Svartedalen nature reserve and the proximity to a dip is never far away (which in our opinion is suitable all year round). 

Depending on the age of the children and what you think your family can handle, we have different routes to choose from. This is something we agree on before the adventure starts.

Morning / Lunch You and your family will be picked up at Stenungsund station (unless otherwise agreed), to go to the starting point of the hike. Once there, we have a short walk, you get a backpack with picnic, coffee & water to have along the hike.

Dinner When you have finished hiking, a meal awaits around an open fire, where the food is also prepared – by you and your family. When you reach the place, there will be plenty to drink, for both parents and children as well as a basket with ingredients and clear instructions, for how to prepare your food. There are firewood and aids to get the fire started easily.

This is much appreciated by the little ones, to be able to help make the fire and see the food cooked over it.

Barn som grillar marshmallows över elden

Night When you are ready, you will be picked up by car, to take you to the evening’s living where an evening snack awaits. The accommodation is centrally located in Stenungsund, so if you want to discover the village in the evening it is walking distance.

Day 2Either you choose to continue your adventure with alternative 2 or 3, or you are happy this time and walk the short distance of about 100 m to Stenungsund station.

Option 2

End the adventure with a seal safari.Enjoy the last day of the adventure with a seal safari in our beautiful Bohuslän archipelago on the Swedish west coast.The harbor seal is easy to find on a cliff all year round, often lapping after the sun or in the water.This is an experience that your whole family will appreciate!

After the seal safari, transport awaits back to Stenungsund station (unless otherwise agreed)

En tjej som sitter på bryggan i solen en höstdag

Option 3

Instead of ending the adventure with a seal safari, you exchange the forest for the sea and the coast and hike on the fantastic archipelago island Dyrön day 2.

You get to experience the Bohuslän nature and the archipelago. Hiking on Dyrön offers wonderful views of the Marstrandsfjord with Carlsten’s fortress in the background, Pater Noster and Åstol in the west are as breathtaking as the views of Risön, Hättan and Hakefjorden in the east.

The fairway to Wallhamn and Stenungsund goes just south of Dyrön, so the chance of seeing large ships pass just a few hundred meters from you is great. If you are botanically interested, it also attracts lots of rare plants. You may also be lucky enough to encounter the wild mouflon sheep that roam freely on the island.

vandrare som vandrar vandringsleden på Dyrön i Bohuslän

Morning/LunchYou will be picked up at 8.30 am in the morning and we drive to  Tjörn & Rönnängs ferry camp. A short trip across the sea takes you to Dyrön and today’s adventure, in the backpack that you get from your adventure fixer, there is a picnic and lunch that suits everyone in the family.

The entire hiking trail is 5km and takes about 2.5 hours excluding breaks. But here it is important to listen to the children and the energy as you have already walked one day. It is possible to deviate from the trail in several places and it is also fantastic to take longer breaks on the rocks for play and relaxation. The island also offers a playground, swimming and many places to discover. Here you enjoy what suits you and your family best!

DinnerDo you enjoy, where you feel like, maybe at the restaurant Trålverket (depending on the season) or at the evening’s hotel which is the Nordic region’s first moving hotel – Salt & Sill.

Day 3After a good night’s sleep and hotel breakfast, we will pick you up and drive you to Stenungsund station (unless otherwise agreed) and your adventure is over for this time.

Hiking with kids


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