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How´s it works? Our open trips are on regular departures you book as a single traveler or with friends. Your adventure fixer is often with large parts of the adventure. Which means that the experiences reach their full potential and activities such as cooking together around an open fire, mussel safari, seal safari and more, we can now package at great prices. On top of that, you meet other wonderful people and make connections for life!

Experience the west coast & bohusleden! 4 days / 3 nights

Experience Gothenburg and South Bohuslän together with other wonderful people. This is a group trip that you book in for. We hike in the Svartedalen nature reserve part of the Bohusleden. It is a mysterious primeval forest with untamed nature and an infinite number of lakes. Variation is pleasure, so on day 2 we exchange hiking boots for cycling shoes and hop on the bike part of the trip to then also replace dense coniferous forest towards the coast with its salty sea and granite cliffs. Join us on an adventure on the West Coast where we form new friendships and have a hell of a lot of fun while enjoying the peace and quiet!

Departures: Monday 27 July, Tuesday 4 August


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