Mountain & Forest

Hike all year round!

Highlights – Mountains and forest

Quick facts

  • Departures: Tuesdays, December – April
  • Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 picnics & 1 dinner
  • Length of trip: 6 days/5 nights
  • Living: Hotel/Cabin
  • Difficulty Adapted to company
Variation is enjoyment, hiking & skiing in two completely different landscapes but still in our elongated fantastic country, Sweden!


6 days/ 5 nights

Hike in a primeval forest, cook in a muurika pan over an open fire to eat well in the evening and sleep in a comfortable bed. Then the adventure continues in the Swedish mountains where you enjoy snow and winter by playing in the mountains. What suits you best, skiing, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing? This is a perfect holiday during our colder season that also suits everyone in the family. Boost with energy in Svartedalen’s nature reserve through hiking and cooking with the forest as company, I promise it will not disappoint you in winter, to end in Sälen’s slopes and nature.


MorningYou will be picked up at 8 am at Stenungsund station (unless otherwise agreed) and driven to the first hiking stage. There we have a little overview of what applies in the coming days, you get a backpack with food and picnic and a description of how to proceed.

LunchDo you cook yourself out in nature over an open fire with the forest and stillness as company

Large kettle on fire


Around 4 pm you will be picked up and transported to your living. In the evening, a good dinner and a good night’s sleep a wait.


MorningAfter breakfast you will be driven to today’s stage. Also this day you get today’s meals in the backpack to cook out in nature.

Lunch Today you choose the place along the trail to pause and cook your lunch and enjoy the energy that the forest gives you.


In the evening, enjoy a good dinner in one of the restaurants in the village.


Today there is a bus or flight to Sälen, for three days in the mountains


Enjoy skiing or whatever you prefer to do in the mountains.

Tips for hiking with snowshoes in the winter landscape is an experience.


Today the adventure ends and the bus or plane takes you back.

This is a trip where the price can vary from time to time and it is also possible to adapt the trip a lot to the company, for example if you travel as a family with small children or only adults.

The journey home from Sälen can also be chosen to different destinations.

We only accept inquiries on this package and will return with a proposal tailored just for you and your company.

Please contact us and we will help you with the booking

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En gupp människor som vandrar på sin konferense
Large kettle on fire
Dalsland grupp -Photo Cred Roger Borgelid
Bohusleden_Etapp1 - Photo Cred Fredrik Schenholm
saltosill pressbilder frukost-9
Large kettle on fire
Sälen, Sverige - skiing
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