Stand Up Paddle “luxury”

Highlights – SUP around Stenungsön with seafood

Quick facts

  • Meals: Seafood dinner
  • Time: About 4 – 5 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Transport: If you want transport to and from the start of paddling, it is possible to arrange
  • Meeting: If you also want an outdoor meeting, it is possible to arrange. We have Wifi, paper & pens.
Woman paddling stand up paddle board splashing water.
Making and cooking Hot dog sausages over open camp fire.
Silhouettes men, friends who are paddling on a SUP boards
Person on paddle board at sunset
Cooked mussels- Photo Cred Madeleine Landley
fisketur_1129- Photo Cred Jonas Ingman
Tray of sea food - Photo Cred Jonas Ingman (1)
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Enjoy a SUP tour in Bohuslän

Around the old seaside resort Stenungsön & see the sailboats under Tjörnbron!


Paddling in South Bohuslän has something for everyone – cool nature experiences, interesting history and mirror-shiny coves, nature gets a new perspective when you slowly glide forward in silence on your Stand Up Paddling board and suddenly end up alongside a duck that kindly stays.

As you approach the end of your paddle tour, we meet up on a cliff and there awaits a seafood dinner with mussels and fresh shrimp. We grill the mussels and cook in muurikka over an open fire at the same time as we gather around the crackling fire for a good hang and snack during the day and enjoy seafood and the sea on the Swedish west coast.


This is a perfectly unique experience with colleagues for team building, the kickoff or the gang of friends!


This is a day to remember together with colleagues / friends, when you get around the old seaside resort Stenungsön on a SUP board.

You do not need to have tried paddling before, before departure you get about 15 minutes to feel the board and the technique. Some may find it difficult to keep the balance, here of course the weather also plays a role, if there are waves it will be trickier to stay on the sup, but then it is good to sit on your knees and paddle instead, which is at least as nice . The tour goes around the old seaside resort Stenungsön on the West Coast in Södra Bohuslän and the constant proximity to land can feel safe. On your paddle board you each have a waterproof bag, in case you want to have something with you and that you get your own water bottle that is attached to your SUP board.

It takes about 2 ½ hours to get around, I promise, you will wish it was longer once you arrive. When you have almost taken it all the way around, you meet your Adventure Fixer and chef on a small island to enjoy a seafood dinner prepared around the campfire, where we tie the day together and enjoy the feeling that is found by the sea.

Please contact us if you need help with the booking

Call +46704945696 or Email

If you want transport to and from the start of paddling, it is possible to arrange.

We are happy to arrange this with an overnight stay at a hotel or hostel, where you can also hold a conference if you wish. If you want the meeting outdoors, we have wifi, pads, pens and whiteboards with us.

Please contact us if you need help with the booking

Call +46704945696 or Email