Thinking about our nature and surroundings is important to us at SwedenWestCoastExperiences. Therefore, we usually choose smaller local partners to benefit the business community where we operate. As a result, there are more often small homes where we meet the local population and discover the genuine Sweden.In addition, we try to influence all restaurants we visit to serve us locally grown or organic food. We enjoy both meat, fish, seafood and vegetarian!


We drive an electric car within the company, have green electricity connected to the office and plan to install solar cells within the next year. The use of disposable items is small on our adventures, but when we do, we choose wooden cutlery and plates made of Swan-labeled palm leaves.

Before our guests visit us and go out into the woods or the sea, we send a little reminder of what the right of public access means and to protect nature and not leave any rubbish. We also encourage our visitors to get here by train.

Once a year – We clean beaches in South of Bohuslän. We do this together with Stenungsund’s scout corps and Stenungsbaden Yacht Club.


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