Hiking Conference

Walk and talk

Highlights – Hike on your conference

Quick facts

  • Meals: Picnic, lunch, afternoon coffee
  • Hike: 7,5 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Transport: Bus / minibus picks you up and drives you back.
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Bring your company to a unique conference and boost the staff with new energy.

Choose between 1/2 day, full day or 2 days.

Be active while you are welded together and stay in the forest, which is good for both body and mind. Take your colleagues on a hike through the primeval forests of Svartedalen. After the hike you stop and grill stick bread with brie cheese, if the weather allows there are several places to pause for a dip in the lake. When you have finished hiking, we cook lunch together over an open fire with the lake and forest as company

Option 1

We pick you up with a bus / minibus and drive to the starting point of the hike. You walk and enjoy the forest. In the backpacks you carry your picnic which is stick bread with brie cheese and coffee. Do not forget the swimwear if the weather and season allow.

After your hike of 7.5 km, a lunch prepared over an open fire awaits. Depending on the size of your party and wishes, we can cook lunch together or it will be ready when you arrive.

After lunch, you hold your meeting out in nature and afterwards you are offered coffee and cake.When you are satisfied, the bus returns.

Please, contact us and we will help you with the booking

Call +46704945696 or email

Option 2

You walk, eat and have a meeting outside just like in option 1. Maybe you want to have the luxury of it by staying in a hotel and enjoying a good dinner, swimming in a hot tub, bathing and enjoying with your colleagues, to the next day confer in a conference room.

Young people on mountain hike at sunset
  • Transfer to hiking and back
  • Picnic with coffee in a backpack.
  • Map
  • First aid kit
  • Lunch around an open fire
  • Whiteboard
  • Paper and pencil
  • Wifi
  • Afternoon coffeeAt a two-day conference
  • Depending on the living and wishes, a hot tub, sauna or spa can be included.
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast, lunch, coffee, day 2
  • Conference room

4 -9 1269 SEK  p/p (option 1)over 9 people, requests for quotation.

If you wish to combine this package with accommodation or any other experience, send an request and we will return with a suggestion.

  1. Transfer to starting point
  2. Hike with coffee on the way
  3. Lunch around an open fire
  4. Conference outside with whiteboard, paper & pen
  5. Coffee and cake
  6. Transfer back
  • Have your own water bottle during the hike and bringswimwear.
  • You get a backpack for 10 people, where coffee is packed. If you want more space, bring your own backpac
  • Hiking boots
  • Socks in synthetic or wool
  • Think layer upon layer when you dress, better to be a little too cold than too hot.

Difficulty: Medium

Length: 7,5 km (the route can be adapted to your wishes)

Time: 3-4 hour excluding breaks

Basis:Forest path

We walk through an old cultural landscape in the nature reserve Svartedalen. Svartedalen is one of Western Sweden’s largest contiguous coniferous forest areas and is associated with mystery, large forests and grumpy nature. It is a sea-rich bedrock landscape where the coniferous forest dominates.

In the area there are beautiful viewpoints, bathing areas, canoe waters and good opportunities to catch precious fish. The trail passes several croft ruins that let us guess what life was like for those who once lived there.Do not miss: To stop at the old croft ruins and read about what life was like for those who inhabited the cottages in the early 20th century. At the end of the trail there is a dry toilet.

Please, contact us and we will help you with the booking

Call +46704945696 Or email