Weekend on the west coast

Gothenburg & South Bohuslän

Highlights  – Long Weekend On the West Coast

Quick fact

  • Departures: Monday, Thursday & Sunday, all year
  • Meals: Breakfast + 3 luncher + 1 Dinner
  • Travel length: 5 days/4 nights
  • Living: Hotel
  • Type of trip: Travel on your own. You meet your Adventure Fixer at one point, during the hike on Dyrön.
En man som kommit till toppen på vandringsleden på Dyrön
vandringstur på Marstrand
Två kvinnor som njuter av vår solen på en brygga på Käringön
bartender serverar vin på wine mechanics
From City to cliffs and the sea  – Long Weekend On the West Coast
Do you want to experience a little off everything. 

Then this package is for you! Here you discover both the city of Gothenburg & get to enjoy strawberry places from a part of the west coast. The journey starts in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg and with a wine tasting at the Nordic region’s first Urban Winery!

All beer lovers can look forward to a visit to the microbrewery and of course we invite you to fantastic west coast flavors such as fish, seafood and locally produced products. On our archipelago islands, there is wonderful nature, smooth granite cliffs and the salty sea on the west coast that must be experienced. It will be hiking, kayaking & enjoying!

This is an active long weekend on the west coast with great variety!


MorningYou will be picked up at the train station in Gothenburg and we go straight to Wine Mechanics – the Nordic region’s first urban wine producer! On site, a journey through their history, production and approach awaits and of course you get to try fantastic wines. A joy for your taste buds! During your visit, your luggage will be driven to the hotel.

LunchA well-composed and tasty three-course lunch at Wine Mechanics

Afternoon Tram is a means of transport that is hated or loved in Gothenburg, which, it is a traditional part of Gothenburg and with the help of the trolley you go to Haga.

Haga is one of Gothenburg’s oldest districts with the classic governors’ houses, cobbled streets and the whole neighborhood breathing “Albert & Herbert”. Here you can stroll and look into Gothenburg’s oldest bicycle shop, have coffee at a sunny outdoor terrace and there are several picturesque restaurants and shops.

NightDiscover wonderful vibrant Gothenburg!

Gothenburg is big enough and with comfortable shoes on your feet, you make your way along the canal, through the city bustle or up to one of the heights to admire the river’s inlet and harbor harbor. Maps and Our Gothenburg tips, give you plenty of inspiration for a nice evening in lovely Gothenburg.

marknad på haga i Göteborg


Morning After a good night’s sleep, you will take the train to Kungälv station, where you will be picked up by car and driven to Marstrand. Before the Marstrand ferry camp, we stop at one of western Sweden’s all microbreweries, Inland brewery, for a visit and beer tasting. The brewery hall is located in an old shipyard and has a history that inspires the master brewer. Each beer tells about exciting times, events and people from the area.

Lunch The rest of the day is spent on your own discovering Marstrand, the island that for many years has housed the fine people, arranged world-unique sailing competitions and in the beginning acted as a prison site. You take the ferry across the strait and enjoy the rest of the day.

The hiking trail that takes you around the whole island, offers a fantastic view of the sea, the first part goes in a lush forest path and further out on bare cliffs with a dramatic landscape that is amazingly beautiful. Take a trip back in time & visit the former prison Carlsten’s fortress, Come back to the inside of the island and the bubbling quay. Here you will surely find a nice restaurant for a refreshing glass and a good piece of food. At Marstrand, a day passes too fast!

Photo: Göran Assner


MorningAfter breakfast at the hotel you hop on the boat to the scenic Dyrön. The boat trip takes about an hour and cruises between the small islands, cliffs and waves included!

Lunch Arriving to the island Dyrön, your Adventure Fixer meets you on the pier, and takes you to your accommodation where you leave your bags and get ready for a hiking trip. The hiking trail takes you up to Dyrön’s highest peak, where we prepare our lunch which is eaten with a wonderful view of the islands Åstol & Marstrand.

AfternoonTake time to discover the island, take a swim or why not try fishing for crabs from the quayside. If the weather is wetter, it is cozy to crawl into the hotel and hear the rain pounding on the window.

NightIn the evening, there will be a sauna bath if you wish, traditionally, close to the sea and of course with a cooling dip in the sea. Seafood of various kinds and classic accessories such as aioli, bread & pie are served on the pier with the sunset & the sound of the waves as company.



MorningRested and with a good breakfast, it’s time to set off on your next adventure. You will go to Käringön and a bit is done by kayak. You will be well taken care of by your guide who will meet you with kayaks, life jackets and equipment for a safe trip along the coastline.

Lunch Somewhere along the coast you stop with your kayaks for swimming & lunch

AfternoonYou Arrive to Käringön, you leave the kayaks and the waves of the sea to check in at the hotel and then spend the rest of the evening on your own. Käringön is a fantastic car-free island, full of white small archipelago houses and red boathouses. The story stretches from the 16th century and is shaped by the hard life that it meant to be a fisherman and the constant presence of the sea. The sea took and the sea gave. Feel free to follow the local community association’s tours to learn more.


Day 5 you spend completely on your own on the island  Käringön. Wonderfully relaxed on the cliffs or walking around the island with the frothy sea and the splash of salt. The weather is always present on Käringön and the islands in the archipelago. To live out here is to adapt and take the day as it comes.

Take the opportunity to just enjoy this wonderful personal archipelago island, much more Bohuslän than this can not be!

At 18.00 pm the ferry returns to Orust, where your adventure fixer waits and drives to Stenungsund station (unless otherwise agreed).

Tip! Book an extra night in Stenungsund or Gothenburg!

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