Covid – 19

How does corona (covid- 19) affect us?

We have now for some time seen how corona takes its progress in the world and affects many. I and many of my colleagues are hard hit by the crisis and we all have to pull our weight.

Until it is possible to move freely again, we concentrate on the local area and try to make those who already live in our region, aware of what a fantastic place we have – Södra Bohuslän.

If you are a small group – friends, colleagues, relatives, family, love couples, we are happy to take you on a hike or bike ride with experiences, such as cooking out in the woods or seafood on a cliff. We always have hand senitizer, soap and water with us. Since we spend a lot of time outside it is easy to keep a distance from each other.


Do you want to book a trip later, but are worried if it will be possible to carry it out?

We now have free cancellation

Take care!

Warm regards Caroline, Sweden West Coast Experiences